Waseda University Hamada Laboratory (Bioinformatics Lab.)

Bioinformatics toward Breakthrough in Biological Science

Our research topics include bioinformatics (or computational biology), which is an interdisciplinary field for aiming to solve problems in biology using information technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and so forth. Recently, a huge amount of biological data, genome, epi-genome (modifications of DNA or histone), transcriptome (mRNA/ncRNA), proteome, interactome (protein-protein, protein-RNA, RNA-RNA interactions), have been measured by state-of-the-arts measurement equipments such as next generation sequencers (NGS) and mass spectrometry. Bioinformatics, as results, becomes indispensable in biology research.

Our laboratory aims to develop basic theory and methods of bioinformatics, which will be utilized for more than 100 years from now. Moreover, our lab aims to find biological insights that brings breakthrough in biology from accumulated biological data. We are therefore willing to collaborate with wet-laboratories. Because bioinformatics is a new field and way to the cutting edge is shorter compared to other areas, it is possible that even young students can make great achievement. Let’s do researches on bioinformatics with us! (Please contact to the address shown in the bottom of this page.)


  • [NEW] A paper by Dr. Fukunaga (invited researcher) was accepted by Journal of Computational Biology (2018/05/09)
  • [NEW] A paper by Mr. Chao (research assistant) was accepted by BMC Genomics (2018/05/04)
  • [NEW] Two new members joined our laboratory (2018/05/01)
  • A paper was published in Genes (2017/12/28)
  • A paper was published in Bioinformatics (2017/10/10)

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